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Lighting plays a pivotal role in every aspect of our lives.  In the natural environment lighting affects our moods, our daily experiences and our relationships with each other.

 In the built environment, lighting can either enhance the original vision and intention of the architect or detract from the vision.  Lighting has been described as the silent partner in all architecture.  Lighting affects surfaces, textures, colors, and creates depth that defines movement in a space.  This is true whether a residence, a restaurant, an office, a place of worship or a landscape. 

Light, both natural and artificial, is a technically difficult, yet astonishing medium that requires mastery of varied and continually evolving disciplines.  Over the years, lighting has become a creative extension of architectural design by complementing form, function and the human experience.

Without light, there is no architecture to be expressed or experienced.



At White Lighting Design we express and create classic, timeless design while incorporating current technologies.

An award winning international design and consultation firm, WLD is recognized for working with clients, architects and designers to help create spaces that reflect their vision, meet the demands of their lifestyle and inspire spirit.  At WLD listening and performing as a team, we ensure that any given space can be transformed from a casual setting, to formal, to the dramatic, all with the touch of a button.  By staying abreast of the latest products in an ever-changing industry, we are able to incorporate state of the art architectural lighting fixtures, dimming controls and automation systems.  We work closely with the architect, builder, interior designer and electrical contractor to complete the vision of the client.

White Lighting Design engages in projects throughout the United States,  Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean and the Middle East.  These projects include ocean side villas in Mexico, penthouses in New York City, rustic cabins in Jackson Hole, castles in Greenwich, as well as palaces in the Middle East.  WLD’s projects continue to encompass a diverse range of architecture and design.

Though most of our projects are residential, we also have extensive experience with commercial, retail and institutional applications.  WLD has consulted on private aircraft, custom yachts, cathedrals, offices, museums, banks and casinos.

We at WLD are constantly working to expand our knowledge to accomplish exceptional lighting and design.




Are you ready for LED?


Everyone in the design community knows the benefits of using LED technology.  But there is far more to consider than just longer lamp life and reduced energy consumption. In the past few years, WLD has designed over 25 projects using only LED technology.  WLD’s broad experience provides for the use of LED technology in a wide range of applications, with excellent color rendering, color temperatures and reliable dimming. 

Here are some facts about LED lighting.

Since LED lamps last much longer, replacement and labor costs are substantially reduced.

Typically LED lamps have a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours, whereas conventional incandescent lamps have a lifetime of only 1,000 to 2,000 hours.

LED is Mercury free, CFL’s are not.

LED technology typically achieves an 80% reduction in energy consumption.

LED technology now has the capability to “warm dim,” mimicking the glow of an incandescent lamp as it is dimmed.

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