Residence #7

Residence #7 Teton County, WY

Creating custom, one-of-a-kind lighting fixtures, we worked closely with the client, interior designer, and architect to design pieces that coordinate with the design approach and provide excellent lighting. Creating a fixture that is “born out of the architecture”, as opposed to simply hanging jewelry over the table.  Repeating a lighting approach from the interior to the exterior invites guests to enjoy the outdoor patio, providing a seamless connection between the two spaces.

Architect: Morter Architects
Builder: Bontecou Construction
Interiors: Gomez Associates

Dick Context 01

Dick Ext 01

Dick Ext 20

Dick Ext 23

Dick Ext 25

Dick Ext 27

Dick Ext 28

Dick Ext 30

Dick Int 02

Dick Int 03

Dick Int 04

Dick Int 12

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